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So CV became CVSD and our home-made website became an Etomite powered website.
This is our brand new and stylish website. Ready to be filled with contents, docs, tutorials and stuff. You can already check our past productions, members list, and one or two links. Things will get bigger in time.

Sommarhack 3 place

Bear has done some a nice picture for the Sommarhack party and win the 3 place with this beautiful picture. Enjoy the Bear style !!

NyanCatariYou know what ? When Templeton have nothing to draw, he is a Cat lover, yes Atari computer now got their own version of this 'beautiful f... cat' If you want a rainbow cat, go here....

Like always, another coder join the team !!


Another coder, yes again and again  !! He has done some great games on Lynx,, perhaps you can guess his name !! No ? So i will help you a little look at this link http://www.ataritimes.com/article.php?showarticle=581 .............Yes Fadest join the team !!

Do The Same, new Jaguar game !!!

a long time without news, but it's time for giving something new. Matmook has coded his first Jaguar game, featuring graphics by Bear and music by Scrat. More infos on  Jagware

New graphist !!


A new graphist join this happy team, he is called Iceman. He has worked on Seaplane's game (Orion's Jaguar game) !! He has yet worked on next Matmook's jaguar game, stay on C.V. channel and wait for his next graphics !!

Templeton and RoX (A new STE game) Templeton strikes back !!

Templeton has done some nice graphics in a new STE game called Rox, produced by RGCD and NoExtra, more info about this game on  RGCD website


(Thanks Xerus for the screenshoot :) )
Topaze, a webpage for this software

Some people have seen it, or have heard about it. What's it ? It's Topaze, THE (I hope!!) Atari map editor, running on a lot of Atari computers, running in a lot of video modes, featuring some needed options / functions,  you can read more here .


Bear is back but not alone !! Matmook with him !!

A long time without any news, what a shame !!

Cerebral Vortex got a new coder called Matmook, his speciality ? Simple, the Jaguar, that's why he has done a cool game called :

Do The Same featuring nice True Color graphics by Bear.


Here come some screenshoots :


We hope that we can do a full release in few days :)

Sector One is in da house !!Odd Stuff screenshoot

Last week end, Frost from Sector One was at home with his girlfriend, a nice girl. She has started to draw under Deluxe Paint for a first try i think she can be a good graphics girl, hope that Frost will let her using his Mega ST :)

 I was very happy to see you again Frost, hope we can work together on several projects !!!



NAS, a new graphics by BEAR  Videl Visions screenshoot

The NAS (Nordik Atari Party) has taken place this week end, for this party BEAR has done a nice logo, enjoy it !!


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